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Beginning To Winning

Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges? Learn how to fight your case and succeed in the criminal justice system with defense strategies that our firm uses every day for our clients. In this course, criminal defense attorney, Robert Gruler breaks down his book into video segments and virtually walks you through each element of his book in order to teach and show you how to reach a favorable outcome in you or your loved one’s case.

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Existence Systems

Are you trying to level up your life? Learn the systems that Robert uses to focus on self- improvement and personal development.
This course covers the following
What is an “existence system” and how can you use one in your life?
Discussion on Systems vs. Goals (via Scott Adams)
Principles of a good existence system and why others don’t work.

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Gruler Method

Most lawyers running their own firms know they need to be producing more video content. The problem is they do not know how. Learn how I used a video marketing system to build a $3 million law firm.When we started our law firm in 2014, I had an inkling video would be helpful in growing our practice. But if I knew then what I know now, I would have dropped everything and poured it into legal video marketing.

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Clean Slate Sobriety

The Clean Slate Sobriety course is designed for those in treatment programs to help provide an education on the legal consequences of substance abuse as well offer an opportunity to learn how to clear current criminal charges or past convictions so that the individual can continue after treatment with a clean slate.The course focuses on providing a primer on the drug and alcohol criminal laws in Arizona and specifically the severity of the penalties in this state.

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