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Robert Gruler



Robert Gruler received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Arizona State University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, was on the Dean’s Honor List, and was the recipient of the Provost Scholarship. Rob then received his Juris Doctorate from the Phoenix School of Law, graduating in the top 15% of his class. While in law school, he was part of the Criminal Law Society, the Federalist Society, and was the Vice- Managing Editor of the Law Review.

Today, Rob is one of the founding partners of R&R Law Group and the host of Watching the Watchers on YouTube. R&R Law Group is a criminal defense law firm in Scottsdale, Arizona that serves good people facing criminal charges. Rob is the host of the live YouTube stream, Watching the Watchers, which focuses on shining accountability and transparency on police, prosecutors, judges, and politicians. With over 100K subscribers on YouTube and over 1 million views a month Rob is able spread the importance of criminal justice reform and social issues to a world- wide audience.

Robert is the author of Beginning to Winning, a book focused on helping individuals charged with crimes fight their case and succeed in the criminal justice system with defense strategies used at his firm. Rob also serves on the board of directors for EricsHouse.org a non- profit organization that provides support for individuals after losing a loved one to suicide or other tragic loss. He is a suicide- loss survivor himself and strives to provide others with grief support.

After being alcohol- free for 2.2 years, Rob provides others with his free Clean Slate Sobriety workshop. A workshop that teaches others in rehabilitation centers the various laws in Arizona and how to move forward with a clean slate by assisting with pending cases or completing necessary set – aside motions for past convictions.

Rob uses his learned knowledge and personal experiences to serve others in the most beneficial way for them. To connect with Rob check out the various links below:

Have an AZ Criminal Case? Visit rrlawaz.com

Watch on YouTube: www.rrlaw.tv

Media Requests or Podcast Features? Email Rob at [email protected]